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Capital of Orissa State in India

Capital of Orissa : BhubaneswarPopulation of Bhu: 929,717 (estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Bhubaneswar is Odia but english end hindi also use at extreme level because of tourists. The Odia language is originated from Indi-European language. Land area : 135 km² Established year : 1949 Bhubaneswar is an advanced city and quickest growing and developing city of Indian state Orissa. Prior, Cuttack was the Capital of Orisha yet promote it was changed to Bhubaneswar in the year 1948. Bhubaneswar was outlined by the German famous architect Otto Königsberger in the year 1946.
Prior, Cuttack was the capital of Odisha. Be that as it may, at that point it was being changed to Bhubaneswar(in the year 1948) as the new political capital of Odisha yet till now Cutack is the JUDICIAL CAPITAL of Odisha on the grounds that Highcourt is as yet present over there.
Bhubaneswar is well known as "Temple City of India". Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are frequently referred to …

Capital of Manipur State in India

Capital of Manipur: ImphalPopulation : 365,794 (estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Imphal is Meitei Mayek. It is their own script. Land area : 29.57 km² Established year : 1972 The only city of India to be surrounded by a moat, Imphal is the capital of Manipur. The city has dry and mild winters with a hot monsoon season. Imphal is one of the few places in India where World War 2 was fought

It was where the Japanese fought Allies. In October of 1949, Imphal became the capital of Manipur when Maharaja Budhachandra signed a treaty of Accession. Market rotates around close-by the royal residence, all the real delivery goes to the ruler, so all streets prompt Imphal.

The real stream of Manipur goes through it, thus it was once exceptionally rich which can bolster numerous individuals henceforth the lord fabricate the royal residence around the zone. The richness of the dirt is required for agribusiness and for the dairy cattle and the regal steeds to the furore.

Capital of Telangana State in India

Capital of Telangana : HyderabadPopulation : 11.572 Million.(estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Hyderabad are Telugu and Urdu. Land area : 650 km² Established year : 2014 Capital of the newly made southern Indian state Telangana, Hyderabad is a major centre for the technology industry. The city is also the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh. Along the banks of Musi river, Hyderabad is situated on a hilly terrain around artificial lakes which also includes the famous Hussain Sagar lake. Being a Metropolitan city Hyderabad preserves its history and the modernization together.

The most recognized structure of india, The Charminar is situated in this city. Being one of the most visited place The Charminar mosque is standing still for over 400 years. The fifth ruler of Qutb Shahi dynasty, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, built the monument in 1591. Hyderabad was found and developed by the Qutb Shahi dynasty, there former capital was Golconda. Which is now known for the G…

Capital of Meghalaya State in India

Capital of Meghalaya: ShillongPopulation : 216,606 (estimated data in 2018) Language known : English is the official dialect (Language) of the state while Khasi is the dominatingly talked dialect (Language) in Shillong. English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese and Nepali are additionally broadly talked in the city. Land area : 64.36 km² Established year : 1972 ‘The Adobe of Clouds’, Meghalaya has Shillong as its capital. The city has earned the title of ‘Scotland of the East’ as it reminded the European visitors of Scotland.
Shillong became the capital of Meghalaya when the state separated from Assam in the beginning of 1972. An interesting thing about shilling is that it enjoys an equal distribution of men and women – exactly 50%. The literacy rate of the capital is 80% which is very high as compared to that of the nation of 59.6%. 
Some famous tourist places include Elephant Falls, Umaim Lake, Shillong View Point, Don Bosco Museum, Nohkalikai Falls and Phan Nonglait Park. Other places of inter…

Capital of MP (Madhya Pradesh) State in India

Capital of Madhya Pradesh: BhopalPopulation : 3.388 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language known : The Spoken language of Bhopal are Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi and Sindhi but Hindi is widely spoken language by people of Bhopal.
Land area : 285.9 km² Established year : 1956 Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is called ‘The City of Lakes’ for its numerous natural and artificial lakes. It takes the cake with being the Second Cleanest city and the Third Greenest city of India. Bhopal ranks 17th on the population chart.
Bhopal was established by Dost Muhammad Khan in the year 1709. After his death, Bhopal was ruled by a dynasty of begums till independence and was merged in India in the year 1949.
Being called ‘City of Lakes’, Bhopal enjoys a fair share of water bodies and greenery. Van Vihar National Park, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Kewar Dam, Shaurya Smarak, Boat Club are some must visit places. The city is rich in history houses Gauhar Mahal, Shaukat Mehal, and Sadar Manzil and offer…

Capital of Kerala State in India

Capital of Kerala : ThiruvananthapuramPopulation : 2.42 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language known : The official language of Thiruvananthapuram is Malayalam but Hindi, English and Tamil also spoken by minority.
Land area : 214 km²
Established year : 1956
Thiruvananthapuram, formally named Trivendrum, is the Capital of Indian state Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram annexes a population of about a hundred thousand which makes it the most populous in Kerala. Mahatma Gandhi called the city ‘the evergreen city of India’ as the city is known for its wavy terrain of low coastal hills.
Thiruvananthapuram was established as the capital of Kerala in the year 1956 when the state of Kerala was formed. Thiruvananthapuram was originally ruled by the Ays community which was succeeded by Chera dynasty.
The places to visit in the city include Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Napier museum, Shankumugham beach, Kuthira Malika, Kovalam beach, light house beach etc. the city also houses Kanakakkunnu Palace, Attukal temp…

Capital of Chhattishgarh State in India

Capital of Chhattishgarh : RaipurPopulation : 1.7588 Million.(estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Raipur is Chhattisgarhi (Devanagari) but the most spoken language is Hindi. Land area : 226 km² Established year : 2000 Naya Raipur is Capital city in Raipur district of Indian state of Chhattisgarh. It is the largest city in the state of chhattisgarh. It is a sixth Planned city in India. It is situated 24 km in south of raipur district. chhattisgarh foundation day is celebrated on November 1 every year.
Atal bihari vajpayee was the prime minister when chhattisgarh is separated from Madhya pradesh in the year 2000. on august 16, 2018, atal bihari vajpayee passed away. now naya raipur will be renamed as "Atul nagar" in the memory of atal bihari vajpayee.Present prime minister raman singh also said that the biography of vajpayee will also be added in school education's textbooks of chhattisgarh board.
Statue of the former prime minister will be installe…

Capital of Himachal Pradesh State in India

Capital of Himachal Pradesh : ShimlaLanguage known : Both Hindi and English are the official language of Shimla but Punjabi and Pahari also speak and understand. Land area : 35.34 km² Population : 202,776 ( Estimated data of the year 2018) Established year : 1971 Shimla is the capital city of north Indian state Himachal Pradesh. It is the biggest city which is limited with Mandi and Kullu in the north. Shimla is declared as Summer city of British India in the year 1864. after independence It was declared as a capital of Punjab but later it changed to the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is also called the queen of hills.
It is a birthplace of renowned Bollywood performing artist Anupam Kher and Prem Chopra. Shimla has a BCS School which isn't just the most seasoned live-in school in India yet additionally it is the most seasoned Boarding School of Asia. This school is running from 1863.
There is an entryway shut for this school, from which 100 Muslim understudies went to Pakistan du…

Capital of Maharashtra State in India

The Capital of Maharashtra : MumbaiPopulation : 24 Million.(estimated data in 2018) Language known : Both English and Hindi are spoken widely in Mumbai. but the official language of Mumbai is Marathi. Land area : 603.4 km² Established year : 1960 Mumbai, also called Bombay and ‘Amchi Mumbai’ is the Financial Capital of India also being the richest city and having the highest GDP. It is India’s most populous city and ranks 2nd on the world’s population count.
Mumbai was established as the capital in the year 1960 when the state of Maharashtra was formed. Mumbai was originally a land of Koli community which was several centuries later won over by Portuguese empires and even later by East India Company.
The Western city of Mumbai owns n number of monuments and places to visit. The city is marked by Gateway of India which was made by the British in the year 1924 and the Bollywood which welcomes a large number of aspiring folks every year. The city also houses a lot of notable institutes inclu…

Capital of Bihar State in India

Capital of Bihar : PatnaLand area : 99.97km Language known : Bhojpuri, Bengali, Maithili, Urdu and Oriya. Population : 2.052 Million (estimated date) Established year : 2000 Capital is a place which is call main administrative center of a state/ nation. The capital of Bihar is Patna: A very famous and one of the largest and busiest city . The Patna city was established by King of Magadha in 490 BCE. It is a largest famous developed city in bihar. Patna is ancient city and previously is it call Patliputra. Ancient Patliputra was capital of Magadha. Pantna is spread over south side of Ganga River. The morden name of Patna is derived from Hindu Goddess, Patna Devi. Jharkhand is seprated from Patna and Ranchi but The Capital of Bihar Still remain same and Ranchi is declared as capital of Jharkjhand. Other capital of bihar- Economical capital-Muzzafferpur - Industrial capital-Begusarai - Tourism capital- Bodh Gya - Culture capital- Muzzafarpur You'll also like:GoaAssamSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabG…

Capital of UK (Uttarakhand) in India

Capital of Uttarakhand: DehradunPopulation of Dehradun: 679,730 (estimated data in 2018) Language Known: The most spoken language of Garhwali and Hindi.\ As we all know education play a major role in a state because of this English language also popular in Dehradun. Land Area: 300 km² Established year: 2000 Dehradun is the capital city of indian State Utrakhand. It is founded by Guru Ram Rai in year 1676. The meaning of Dehradun is "Dehra=Camp" and "Dun=Valley". It Suggest a name like camp in valley.

Dehradun is surroundded by Ganga and Yamuna. Dehradun is noticiable due to some famous indian institution like Indian Military Academy and Forest Research Institute. Apart from this, Dehradun is very close to Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Dehradun come in the categry of Spiritual places. Dehradun is also known as "City of Love". It is temporary capital of Dehradun. Gairsain (Distt- Chamoli) may be the future capital of Dehradun because some people of Dehrad…

Capital of Karnataka State in India

Capital of Karnataka: BangalorePopulation of Bangalore: Population of Bangalore is estimated 12.476 Million in the year 2018 Area of Bangalore: Bangalore spreads over an area of about 9000 km. Bangalore, is also called Bengaluru is the Silicon Capital of India and also the IT Hub of India because Bangalore is biggest leading exporter of IT. It is the third populous city of India and also comes under the tag of ‘Megacity’. It is also the second fastest growing metropolis.
Bangalore was established as the capital in the year 1965 when the state of Karnataka was formed. Before independence, present day Bangalore was ruled by many dynasties including the Cholas, the Hoysalas and the Western Gangas.
There are a lot of malls, cafes and coffee houses and shopping centers and reeks of a modern, luxurious and upscale lifestyle. The city also houses a lot of notable institutes including Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), IISc, IIMB, NAL …

Capital of Jharkhand State in India

Capital of Jharkhand : RanchiPopulation of Ranchi : 1.44 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language Known : The most spoken language of Hindi.
Land Area : 175 km² Established year : 2000  The Capital of Jharkhand state is Ranchi which is also named as "Archi", and it is taken from Nagpuri Language. The Meaning of "Archi" is Bamboo Forest. Ranchi is famous for so many Water falls, greenish beautifull valleys, wide forest area,rocks and reddish soil. This is reason Ranchi is also called "Hub of Water Hills" Ranchi comes in Spiritual place because for two famous temple Sun Temple and Jagannath Temple. You'll also like: GoaBiharAssamSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabGujaratTripuraManipurRajasthanKarnatakaMeghalayaTelanganaUttarakhandWest BengalMaharashtraChhattishgarhMadhya PradeshHimachal PradeshUP (Uttar pradesh)

Capital of UP (Uttar Pradesh) State in India

Capital of Uttar Pradesh (UP): LucknowPopulation of Lucknow: 3.4704 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language Known: The most spoken language of Lucknow is Hindi but Urdu is also use in rural area. English is use for business and admistrative purpose.
Land Area: 2,528 km²
Established year: 1805
About Lucknow City:The City of Nawabbs: Is the Capital City of Indian State Utter Pradesh and also call "city of Nawabs". It is most visited tourist place India. The most of Tourist come here to see the combination of multiculture in a single city. Lucknow is the eleventh largest city in the country and second largest country in north india. Luchnow contains various Historial place, Mounments, Wonder architecture, and so many more. Lucknow is also called cultural hub of India You'll also like: GoaBiharAssamSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabGujaratTripuraManipurRajasthanJharkhandKarnatakaMeghalayaTelanganaUttarakhandWest BengalMaharashtraChhattishgarhMadhya PradeshHimachal Pradesh

Capital Of West Bengal State in India

Capital of West Bengal:- KolkataPopulation of Kolkata: 5.2024 Million.(estimated data in 2018) Language Known: There are two most spoken language Bengali and Hindi but English and Bengali are two official Language. Land Area: 205 km² Established year: 1956 The official Capital of West Bengali is Kolkata: The city of Joy. It is oone of the oldest and morden city in the country. Kolakata is also known as land of Durga Puja. We can see both Culture and morden thinking. The oldest woman college of Asia is also in kolkata. This is a example of woman empowerment in west bengal. You'll also like:GoaBiharAssamSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabGujaratTripuraManipurRajasthanJharkhandKarnatakaMeghalayaTelanganaUttarakhandMaharashtraChhattishgarhMadhya PradeshHimachal PradeshUP (Uttar pradesh)

Capital Of Assam State in India

Capital of Assam : DispurPopulation : Population of Dispur in the year 2018 as per estimated data is 21,400.
Official Language : Assamese, and English
Established year : 1975
Shilong was the capital of Assam but in 1971 Shilong is seprated from Assam and became a individual state. That Different state is Megjalaya then Assam had to have its own Capital. That Time Dispur is announced as Capital of Assam. This announced is temporary that time but it became permanent. Many People have a messunderstanding that Guwahati they say capital of Assam. I don't say that general knowledge should change. But I say the way Delhi and New Delhi both are capitals of our country. Calling Guwahati as the capital of Assam is not factually wrong. Because Dispur is also a part of Guwahati. You'll also like:GoaBiharSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabGujaratTripuraManipurRajasthanJharkhandKarnatakaMeghalayaTelanganaUttarakhandWest BengalMaharashtraChhattishgarhMadhya PradeshHimachal PradeshUP (Uttar pradesh)

Capital of Gujarat State in India

Capital of Gujarat : GandhinagarArea of Gandhi Nagar : 177 km² Population : As per the 20016 India enumeration, Gandhinagar had a population of 298,035. Males represented 55% of the population and females 45%.
Near Gandhinagar :
- 23 km to Ahmedabad, India.
- 60 km to Nadiad, India.
- 115 km to Vadodara, India.
- 170 km to Bhavnagar, India.
- 183 km to Udaipur, India.
- 219 km to Rajkot, India.
- 244 km to Ratlam, India.
- 251 km to Surat, India.
Gandhinagar is the political capital of Gujarat and Ahmedabad is consider as commercial capital. Gandhinagar located near ahmedabad, is a planned city like chandigadh. These things show how they planning their city. Gandhinagar got a seprate identity when mumbai is divided into teo part- fisrt is Maharastra and and another is gujarat so this situation d demand is new capital so Gandhinagar is announced as capital of Gujarat because Parliament of Gujarat, Sachivalay and several other State Government offices are situated in Gandhinagar. You'll also …