Capital Of Assam State in India

Capital of Assam : Dispur

Population : Population of Dispur in the year 2018 as per estimated data is 21,400.
Official Language : Assamese, and English
Established year : 1975
Shilong was the capital of Assam but in 1971 Shilong is seprated from Assam and became a individual state. That Different state is Megjalaya then Assam had to have its own Capital. That Time Dispur is announced as Capital of Assam. This announced is temporary that time but it became permanent. Many People have a messunderstanding that Guwahati they say capital of Assam. I don't say that general knowledge should change. But I say the way Delhi and New Delhi both are capitals of our country. Calling Guwahati as the capital of Assam is not factually wrong. Because Dispur is also a part of Guwahati.

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