Capital of Gujarat State in India

Capital of Gujarat : Gandhinagar

Area of Gandhi Nagar : 177 km²
Population : As per the 20016 India enumeration, Gandhinagar had a population of 298,035. Males represented 55% of the population and females 45%.
Near Gandhinagar :
- 23 km to Ahmedabad, India.
- 60 km to Nadiad, India.
- 115 km to Vadodara, India.
- 170 km to Bhavnagar, India.
- 183 km to Udaipur, India.
- 219 km to Rajkot, India.
- 244 km to Ratlam, India.
- 251 km to Surat, India.
Gandhinagar is the political capital of Gujarat and Ahmedabad is consider as commercial capital. Gandhinagar located near ahmedabad, is a planned city like chandigadh. These things show how they planning their city. Gandhinagar got a seprate identity when mumbai is divided into teo part- fisrt is Maharastra and and another is gujarat so this situation d demand is new capital so Gandhinagar is announced as capital of Gujarat because Parliament of Gujarat, Sachivalay and several other State Government offices are situated in Gandhinagar.

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