Capital of Kerala State in India

Capital of Kerala : Thiruvananthapuram

Population : 2.42 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language known : The official language of Thiruvananthapuram is Malayalam but Hindi, English and Tamil also spoken by minority.
Land area : 214 km²
Established year : 1956

Thiruvananthapuram, formally named Trivendrum, is the Capital of Indian state Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram annexes a population of about a hundred thousand which makes it the most populous in Kerala. Mahatma Gandhi called the city ‘the evergreen city of India’ as the city is known for its wavy terrain of low coastal hills.

Thiruvananthapuram was established as the capital of Kerala in the year 1956 when the state of Kerala was formed. Thiruvananthapuram was originally ruled by the Ays community which was succeeded by Chera dynasty.

The places to visit in the city include Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Napier museum, Shankumugham beach, Kuthira Malika, Kovalam beach, light house beach etc. the city also houses Kanakakkunnu Palace, Attukal temple, Maharaja Swathi Thriunal Palace among many others.

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