Capital of MP (Madhya Pradesh) State in India

Capital of Madhya Pradesh: Bhopal

Population : 3.388 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language known : The Spoken language of Bhopal are Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi and Sindhi but Hindi is widely spoken language by people of Bhopal.
Land area : 285.9 km²
Established year : 1956
Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is called ‘The City of Lakes’ for its numerous natural and artificial lakes. It takes the cake with being the Second Cleanest city and the Third Greenest city of India. Bhopal ranks 17th on the population chart.

Bhopal was established by Dost Muhammad Khan in the year 1709. After his death, Bhopal was ruled by a dynasty of begums till independence and was merged in India in the year 1949.

Being called ‘City of Lakes’, Bhopal enjoys a fair share of water bodies and greenery. Van Vihar National Park, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Kewar Dam, Shaurya Smarak, Boat Club are some must visit places. The city is rich in history houses Gauhar Mahal, Shaukat Mehal, and Sadar Manzil and offer a lot of history. The Begums of Bhopal got a lot of mosques to build under their reign namely Taj-ul-Masjid, Moti Masjid, Badi Masjid etc. The city also houses Bhojeshwar Temple, Birla Mandir and Gufa Mandir Lalghati. Other places of interest include Birla museum, regional science centre, Madhya Pradesh tribal museum, Indra Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahala etc.

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