Capital of UK (Uttarakhand) in India

Capital of Uttarakhand: Dehradun

Population of Dehradun: 679,730 (estimated data in 2018)
Language Known: The most spoken language of Garhwali and Hindi.\ As we all know education play a major role in a state because of this English language also popular in Dehradun.
Land Area: 300 km²
Established year: 2000
Dehradun is the capital city of indian State Utrakhand. It is founded by Guru Ram Rai in year 1676. The meaning of Dehradun is "Dehra=Camp" and "Dun=Valley". It Suggest a name like camp in valley.

Dehradun is surroundded by Ganga and Yamuna. Dehradun is noticiable due to some famous indian institution like Indian Military Academy and Forest Research Institute. Apart from this, Dehradun is very close to Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Dehradun come in the categry of Spiritual places. Dehradun is also known as "City of Love". It is temporary capital of Dehradun. Gairsain (Distt- Chamoli) may be the future capital of Dehradun because some people of Dehradun want a hill Capital for the development of Hill Area.

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