Capital of UP (Uttar Pradesh) State in India

Capital of Uttar Pradesh (UP): Lucknow

Population of Lucknow: 3.4704 Million.(estimated data in 2018)
Language Known: The most spoken language of Lucknow is Hindi but Urdu is also use in rural area. English is use for business and admistrative purpose.
Land Area: 2,528 km²
Established year: 1805

About Lucknow City:

The City of Nawabbs: Is the Capital City of Indian State Utter Pradesh and also call "city of Nawabs". It is most visited tourist place India. The most of Tourist come here to see the combination of multiculture in a single city. Lucknow is the eleventh largest city in the country and second largest country in north india. Luchnow contains various Historial place, Mounments, Wonder architecture, and so many more. Lucknow is also called cultural hub of India

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