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Capital of China (List of States and Capitals of China)

Capital of China : BeijingPopulation of China : As of 1 January 2018, the population of China was estimated to be 1,394,102,196 people. 245,194,694 young people under 15 years old ( 132,077,242 males / 113,117,452 females). 1,025,487,634 persons between 15 and 64 years old ( 527,026,394 males / 498,475,181 females). 123,419,867 persons above 64 years old ( 59,263,284 males / 64,156,583 females).
The predominant language in China is Chinese. Land Area of China : 9,598,089 km² (3,705,843 mi2) Established year of China : 1 October 1949 Religion of China-China is officially atheist, but many Chinese people are religious. The main religions in China are Buddhism, Chinese folklore, Taoism and Confucianism. National Anthem : "March of the Volunteers" GDP : per capital (PPP)-15,054  Population density : 145.8 per km2 (377.7 people/mi2) Sex ratio : 1.08 (726,759,195 men to 673,056,052 women)(2017 est.) Birth rate : 19 births/1,000 population (2017 est.) Agricultural land : 55.4%(2017 estimate) L…

Capital of California State in USA

Capital city of California : SacramentoAbbreviation : CA State hood : 1850 Capital Since : 1854 Area : 97.2 Municipal Population (2010) : 466,488 Metropolitan Population (2010) : 2,527,123 Rank based on Population : 6 Rank in US : 35 The Camellia Capital of the World, where the flower was first grown and the Camellia Society was formed. Sacramento is the fastest growing cities in California as it is also the hub for all the healthcare facilities.According to the Time magazine, Sacramento is the most diverse city of America.
The city is known for its evolving contemporary culture, dubbed the most “hipster city" in California. This region in the past was being ruled by the Mexicans, Columbians, Spanish and now the Americans. The effect of Spanish can still be seen as most of the people speak Spanish language here. Los Angeles and San Francisco being the neighboring cities Sacramento metropolitan the area is the second largest in California.
California Music Theatre is the symbol for state…

Capital of Connecticut Stat in USA

Capital city of Connecticut : HartfordAbbreviation : CT State hood : 1788 Capital Since : 1875 Area : 17.3 Municipal Population (2010) : 124,775 Metropolitan Population (2010) : 1,212,381 Rank based on Population : 3 Rank in US : 221 The insurance capital of the world Hartford is the capital of Connecticut. It is nicknamed aptly as it hosts many insurance company headquarters and is the main occupation there.
Hartford is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America it houses the world Nations oldest public Art Museum and oldest publicly funded Park. also, the oldest continuously published newspaper and the second oldest Secondary School is also the path of the city.
The city is home to Mark Twain houses and museum and should not be missed while visiting. Also Bushnell Park Carousel, Wordsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art, Connecticut Science Center, Harriet Beecher Stowe Center awesome places to visit. Elizabeth Park Conservancy, Colt Park, Pope Park, and Riverside Park imparts a fresh…

Capital City of Arizona State in USA

Capital city of Arizona : PhoenixAbbreviation : AZ State hood : 1912 Capital Since : 1889 Area : 474.9 Municipal Population (2010) : 1,445,632 Metropolitan Population (2010) : 4,192,887 Rank based on Population : 1 Rank in US : 5 The capital city of the Grand canyon state Phoenix is the anchor of the phoenix metropolitan area, also known as the valley of the sun, Located in the northeast of the Sonoran Desert, the city has a hot desert climate. Despite this, its canal system led to a thriving farming community with crops like Alfalfa, Cotton and Hey. Phoenix’s economy has 5 ‘C’ Cotton, Cattle, Citrus, Climate and Copper which thrived the city after the ruins of Second World War.
The desert city of Phoenix has a wide variety of flora and fauna. In most undeveloped deserted area Coyote, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer etc. can be found. Talking about birds the famous Roadrunner, Anna’s Hummingbird, mourning doves can be seen. The desert also has different types of cactus plants. Phoenix is th…

Capital of Colorado State in USA

Capital of Colorado : DenverAbbreviation : CO State hood : 1876 Capital Since : 1867 Area : 153.4 Municipal Population (2010) : 600,158 Metropolitan Population (2010) : 2,552,195 Rank based on Population : 1 Rank in US : 19 Colorado is the capital and the most populous municipality of Denver. The city is called Mile High City because of its elevation of exactly one mile. The city is located in the South Pallet River Valley. On the Western edge, Denver is surrounded by High Plains and on the eastern with Cherry Creek in the foothills of Rocky mountains. The city was formed in the year 1858 and was made the capital at the end of 1902.
While visiting Denver one should always visit Red Rock Ampitheater, Denver Botanical Garden, Denver Art Museum, Denver zoo, and Elitch Garden. One should not forget to visit Denver Museum of Natural Science, Coors Field, City Park as well as Downtown Aquarium. Visiting Cherry Creek is also a one in a lifetime opportunity. You'll also like:
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Capital of Arkansas State in USA

Capital City of Arkansas : Little RockAbbreviation : AR State hood : 1836 Capital Since : 1821 Area : 116.2 Municipal Population (2010) : 193,524 Metropolitan Population (2010) : 877,091 Rank based on Population : #1 Rank in US : 117 The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock. This is the most populous city in the state. The city was named in the year 1720 after a rock formation near the city. Before Little Rock, Arkansas post was the capital till the year 1821. Little Rock holds the title of transportational, cultural, economic and government center for both the state as well as the South.
While visiting Little Rock one should always visit William J Clinton Library and Museum, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, River Market, and Little Rock zoo. The city also houses Burns Park, Big Dam Bridge, Old Mill, Museum of Discovery and Wild River Country to name a few. You'll also like:
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California Capital …

Capital of Alaska State in USA

Capital city of Alaska : JuneauAbbreviation : AK State hood : 1959 Capital Since : 1906 Area : 2716.7 mi² Municipal Population (2010) : 31,275 Metropolitan Population (2010) : Null Rank based on Population : 3rd Juneau is the Largest capital by municipal land area. Anchorage is the largest city of Alaka state. Juneau also Known as "The Land of The Midnight Sun". Alsaka is a state of the United States of America located to the west of Canadian state. This name was given to the state because the sun shines nearly around the clock during Alaskan summers. The Bity and Borough of Juneau is the second largest city in the USA. Juneau was named after gold prospector from Quebec, 'Joe Juneau' before that it was called as Rockwell and Harrisburg.
Juneau is also known as 'The Last Frontier' because of its opportunities and lightly settled region. The economy in the past was majorly run by the Gold miners but in the present time the tourism industry generates most of the inco…

Capital City of Alabama State in USA

Capital city of Alabama : MontgomeryAbbreviation of Alabama : AL State-Hood : 1919 Capital Since : 1846 Area of Montgomery : 155.4 Municipal Population (2010) : 205,764 Metropolitan Population (2010) : 374,536 Rank based on Population : 2nd The capital of the Alabama state is Montgomery. Montgomery is situated on the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico and along the Alabama river. The city is named for Richard Montgomery who was a Major General during American Revolution. Birmingham is the largest city of Alabama State.
Montgomery is the capital of Alabama despite being the second populous city after Birmingham. The city was formed in the year 1819 when the two town situated along the Alabama river were merged and the City was granted the title of capital in the year 1846.
While visiting Montgomery one should not forget to visit Civil Rights Memorial Centre, Dexter Avenue King Memorial, the Hank Williams Museum and Riverfront Park. A visit to Rosa Parks Museum, Old Alabama town and the First …

Capital of India (List of States and Capitals of India)

Capital of India : New DelhiPopulation of India: 1,354,051,854 (estimated data in 2018) Language known : Hindi and English both are the official language of India. Land area : 3.287 million km² Established year : 15 August 1947 Languages spoken : Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4.5%, Kannada 3.7%, Malayalam 3.2%, Oriya 3.2%, Punjabi 2.8%, Assamese 1.3%, Maithili 1.2%, other 5.9% (CIA) Religion : Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism
National Anthem : "Jana-Gana-Mana"  GDP - per capital (PPP) : $7,200 (2017 est.) Sex ratio : 1.12 male(s)/female (2016 est.) Birth rate : 19 births/1,000 population (2017 est.) Agricultural land : 60.5% Life Expectancy : 68.8 Years (2017 estimate) Death rate : 7.3 deaths/1,000 population (2017 est.) Literacy rate : 71.2% Demonym : Indian Currency : Indian rupee (?) (INR) When it comes to the capital of India it is often a matter of confusion if the capital is Delhi or New Delhi and more than often people conside…

Capital of Haryana State in India

Capital city : ChandigarhPopulation : 10.6 lakhs Area : 114 sq km Location : 244.6 km from the national capital New Delhi Designed by the Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier Chandigarh is a union territory and capital of two states i.e. Punjab and Haryana. Punjab covers the maximum part of the city and the Eastern is covered by Haryana.
In 2015 an article published by the BBC named Chandigarh as one of the perfect cities of the world in terms of architecture, cultural growth and modernization. The city was declared the cleanest city of the country and has one of the higher per capita income.
The name Chandigarh is derived from the Hindu Goddess Chandi. Here ‘Chandi’ refers to ‘Goddess’ and ‘Garh’ means ‘Fortress’.
Being the dream city of first Prime Minister of India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru the city is located near the foothills of the Sivalik Mountain range of the Himalayas in northwest India. After independence the city was handed over to the American arc…

Capital of Nagaland State in India

Capital of Nagaland : KohimaJudiciary Capital : GuwahatiPopulation : 99,039 residents live in kohima Area : 20 sq km Location : 2,276.7 km from New Delhi The land where flower ‘Kewhi’ grows was named as ‘Kewhira’ which is now known as Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland. The name Kohima was given by the British as they could not pronounce the Angami name of Kewhira.

Kohima is the land of Angami Naga tribe, it was founded in 1878 when British Empire established its headquarters in the Naga Hills. This place has a II World War history to share as Kohima has a large cemetery known as the War Cemetery in Kohima. The Cemetery is for the Allied war dead which is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Situated in the north of the Japfu Barali intersection and an elevation of hilly terrain the region features a moderate humid subtropical climate. The winters are very cold and summers are almost rainy all the times.
Nagaland being known as the land of festivals celebrates its festiva…

Capital of Mizoram State in India

Capital of Mizoram : AizawlPopulation of Aizawl : 326,511(estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Aizawl Mizo. Land area : 457 km² Established year : 1987 The largest city of Mizoram, Aizawl was just a British outpost that later became a village. Now more than 25% of the Mizo state population resides in this city. Situated in the North East part of the country the city has a hilly terrain and is above the tropic of cancer which makes it rich in vegetation.
All the important administration works are done from the state capital. As the state comes under Protected Area the domestic tourists require an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to travel the state of Mizoram which can be obtained from the Liason officers present in various states of the country.
Mizoram is known as the Songbird of the Northeast and hence is rich in its cultures. Based mainly on the tribal communities there are many different Dance and Art forms. Chapchar Kut also known as the famous Bamboo Dance festiv…

Capital of Tamil Nadu State in India

Capital of Tamil Nadu : ChennaiPopulation of Chennai : 10,316 Million.(estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Chennai Tamil and most;y spoken languages are English. Telugu and Malayalam. Land area : 426 km² Established year : 1950 Chennai is a metropolitan city and is located on the coromandal coast of the Bay of Bengal . It is also known as the “Gateway to South India” . Chennai is the one fifth largest city in the country and the fourth most populated city. This city is renowned for Bharatnatyam, one of the oldest classical dance forms in India. It is also known as The Detroit of India because of its large economy and comes under top 100 Smart cities of our country.
The parts of Tamil Nadu and south were ruled by The Cholas in early centuries . The areas of Mahabalipuram were built by the The Pallavas. Region which was ruled by the Cholas and Pandyas before the Portuguese arrived was constructed the northern region of the city. Chennai region has the oldest…

Capital of Andhra Pradesh State in India

Capital of Andhra Pradesh: Hyderabad but Amaravati will be future Capital of Andhra Pradesh.
Population of Amaravati: 677,057 (estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Amaravati Telugu. Land area : 217.2 km² Established year : 1956 Amravati : Capital of Andhra PradeshOne of the newest capital cities to be build, Amravati is established on the banks of the river Krishna in the Guntur district. The city is fairly new to be made and was established in the year 2015 by the Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. The official work of Amravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh begin in the year 2016.
The city offers a lot of temples including Sri Ekvira Devi Temple, Satidevi Temple, Ambadevi Temple, ISCKON Amaravati, Gadgadeshwar Temple etc. Other places of interest include Chatri Talao and Jawahar Gate. You'll also like:GoaBiharAssamSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabGujaratTripuraManipurMizoramRajasthanJharkhandKarnatakaMeghalayaTelanganaTamil naduUttarakhandWest BengalMaharashtraChh…

Capital of AP (Arunachal Pradesh) State in India

Capital of Arunachal Pradesh: ItangarPopulation of Itangar : 71,565 (estimated data in 2018) Language known : The most popular languages of Itangar are Assamese, Bengali, English, Nepali and especially Hindi. Land area : 59,490 km² Established year : 1987 The Capital of one of the states of the seven sisters anurachal Pradesh is Itanagar. With an intensive Tibetan influence Itanagar is a home to a lot of tribes including Adi, Apatani etc.
Itanagar is named after the cities most famous Fort, Ita Fort which literally means "the Fort made of bricks". During the rule of Jiti dynasty in the 11 century the city was called Mayapur and it was believed that sage Vyas meditated here.
A not to miss place is the Ita Fort which holds the most significant part in the history of the city and the Buddhist influence is bought by the Gompa Buddhist temple. Other places of interest include Ganga Lake and Namdapha National Park. You'll also like:GoaBiharAssamSikkimKeralaOrissaPunjabGujaratTripur…

Capital of J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) State in India

Capital of Jammu & Kashmir : Jammu & Kashmir have two Capital because of Patition. The summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Srinagar. The winter Capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Jammu.
Population of J&K : 14.32 Million (estimated data in 2018) Language known : The official language of Jammu & Kashmir Urdu but local people also use kashmiri language which is also known as Koshur. It is an Indo-Aryan language. Land Area : 222,236 km² Established year : 1948 Jammu and Kashmir state is most important state of India. Mainly It is isolated into two parts: Jammu and kashmir but after sometime it is separated in three parts: ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu.
Jammu and Kashimir is famous for concept of two Capitals. The Summer capital is Srinagar which has the duration from April to September. The winter Capital is Jammuu which has duration from October to march.
The quantity of areas in the state is 20. Kashmir is considered as the 'paradise of the world'. The vast majority of…