Capital City of Alabama State in USA

Capital city of Alabama : Montgomery

Abbreviation of Alabama : AL
State-Hood : 1919
Capital Since : 1846
Area of Montgomery : 155.4
Municipal Population (2010) : 205,764
Metropolitan Population (2010) : 374,536
Rank based on Population : 2nd
The capital of the Alabama state is Montgomery. Montgomery is situated on the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico and along the Alabama river. The city is named for Richard Montgomery who was a Major General during American Revolution. Birmingham is the largest city of Alabama State.

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama despite being the second populous city after Birmingham. The city was formed in the year 1819 when the two town situated along the Alabama river were merged and the City was granted the title of capital in the year 1846.

While visiting Montgomery one should not forget to visit Civil Rights Memorial Centre, Dexter Avenue King Memorial, the Hank Williams Museum and Riverfront Park. A visit to Rosa Parks Museum, Old Alabama town and the First White House of Confederacy is a must. An interesting place to visit is the MOOseum which is a cattle based museum and should not be missed.

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