Capital of Alaska State in USA

Capital city of Alaska : Juneau

Abbreviation : AK
State hood : 1959
Capital Since : 1906
Area : 2716.7 mi²
Municipal Population (2010) : 31,275
Metropolitan Population (2010) : Null
Rank based on Population : 3rd
Juneau is the Largest capital by municipal land area. Anchorage is the largest city of Alaka state. Juneau also Known as "The Land of The Midnight Sun". Alsaka is a state of the United States of America located to the west of Canadian state. This name was given to the state because the sun shines nearly around the clock during Alaskan summers. The Bity and Borough of Juneau is the second largest city in the USA. Juneau was named after gold prospector from Quebec, 'Joe Juneau' before that it was called as Rockwell and Harrisburg.

Juneau is also known as 'The Last Frontier' because of its opportunities and lightly settled region. The economy in the past was majorly run by the Gold miners but in the present time the tourism industry generates most of the income.

Preserving its Cultural Heritage Juneau hosts the annual Alaska Folk Festival in which the folk dances and songs are being enjoyed. The famous music are Jazz and Classic music. Apart from these Theater and Opera are performed which showcases all of the western culture.

Residents of Alaska for both recreational and transportation purpose walk, hike or ride bicycles. One can travel through the state owned ferry system known as Alaskan Marine Highway.

The most amazing fact about this city being near to the north pole is that Aurora Borealis (Norhtern Lights) can be seen all throughout the year. The American state is just 50 miles from Russian which maks it the last land of USA in West.

Out of 20 highest peaks in the United States, 17 are in Alaska including the Highest in North America, the Denali. The State is also rich in seafood as this industry is the largest private industry employer.

Visiting Alaska and the city of Juneau will always leave you amazed as people here survive in very hard conditions and still live their lives happily. The state consists more than 100 active volcanoes but nothing is to fear as the harsh climatic conditions have made the state rigid.

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