Capital of Arkansas State in USA

Capital City of Arkansas : Little Rock

Abbreviation : AR
State hood : 1836
Capital Since : 1821
Area : 116.2
Municipal Population (2010) : 193,524
Metropolitan Population (2010) : 877,091
Rank based on Population : #1
Rank in US : 117
The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock. This is the most populous city in the state. The city was named in the year 1720 after a rock formation near the city. Before Little Rock, Arkansas post was the capital till the year 1821. Little Rock holds the title of transportational, cultural, economic and government center for both the state as well as the South.

While visiting Little Rock one should always visit William J Clinton Library and Museum, Pinnacle Mountain State Park, River Market, and Little Rock zoo. The city also houses Burns Park, Big Dam Bridge, Old Mill, Museum of Discovery and Wild River Country to name a few.

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