Capital of California State in USA

Capital city of California : Sacramento

Abbreviation : CA
State hood : 1850
Capital Since : 1854
Area : 97.2
Municipal Population (2010) : 466,488
Metropolitan Population (2010) : 2,527,123
Rank based on Population : 6
Rank in US : 35
The Camellia Capital of the World, where the flower was first grown and the Camellia Society was formed. Sacramento is the fastest growing cities in California as it is also the hub for all the healthcare facilities.According to the Time magazine, Sacramento is the most diverse city of America.

The city is known for its evolving contemporary culture, dubbed the most “hipster city" in California. This region in the past was being ruled by the Mexicans, Columbians, Spanish and now the Americans. The effect of Spanish can still be seen as most of the people speak Spanish language here. Los Angeles and San Francisco being the neighboring cities Sacramento metropolitan the area is the second largest in California.

California Music Theatre is the symbol for states culture which also includes the music and artistic histories of the region . The classical music can be heard anywhere, rappers C-Bo, Marvaless are famous from this land. Most of the Metal music bands also emerged from this area.

One of the biggest part of the population are the LGBTQ people. This community enjoys their life and have a party from May to September. The oldest part of the town besides Sutter's Fort is Old Sacramento, which consists of cobbled streets and many historic buildings, several from the 1850s and 1860s Continuing with the theme of dairy, Sacramento is very serious about their ice cream as well. Everyone has their favorite shop and friendships can be gained or lost depending on where two people stand. Burr’s, Vic’s, and Gunther’s seem to be the front-runners on most days.
The place is full of various weird and funny cultures.

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