Capital of Colorado State in USA

Capital of Colorado : Denver

Abbreviation : CO
State hood : 1876
Capital Since : 1867
Area : 153.4
Municipal Population (2010) : 600,158
Metropolitan Population (2010) : 2,552,195
Rank based on Population : 1
Rank in US : 19
Colorado is the capital and the most populous municipality of Denver. The city is called Mile High City because of its elevation of exactly one mile. The city is located in the South Pallet River Valley. On the Western edge, Denver is surrounded by High Plains and on the eastern with Cherry Creek in the foothills of Rocky mountains. The city was formed in the year 1858 and was made the capital at the end of 1902.

While visiting Denver one should always visit Red Rock Ampitheater, Denver Botanical Garden, Denver Art Museum, Denver zoo, and Elitch Garden. One should not forget to visit Denver Museum of Natural Science, Coors Field, City Park as well as Downtown Aquarium. Visiting Cherry Creek is also a one in a lifetime opportunity.

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