Capital of J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) State in India

Capital of Jammu & Kashmir : Jammu & Kashmir have two Capital because of Patition. The summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Srinagar. The winter Capital of Jammu & Kashmir is Jammu.
Population of J&K : 14.32 Million (estimated data in 2018)
Language known : The official language of Jammu & Kashmir Urdu but local people also use kashmiri language which is also known as Koshur. It is an Indo-Aryan language.
Land Area : 222,236 km²
Established year : 1948
Jammu and Kashmir state is most important state of India. Mainly It is isolated into two parts: Jammu and kashmir but after sometime it is separated in three parts: ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu.

Jammu and Kashimir is famous for concept of two Capitals. The Summer capital is Srinagar which has the duration from April to September. The winter Capital is Jammuu which has duration from October to march.

The quantity of areas in the state is 20. Kashmir is considered as the 'paradise of the world'. The vast majority of the areas are secured by the Himalayan Mountains. The fundamental streams are Sindhu, Jhelum and Chenab. Here are numerous excellent lakes, for example, Dul, Wular and Nagin.

Tourism has been the premise of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir. Fear mongering which went on for as far back as years has crushed the spirit of the economy here. Presently things have progressed. The profitable commitment of craftsmanship things, floor coverings, hot garments and saffron and so on is additionally a vital commitment to the economy here.

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