Capital of Mizoram State in India

Capital of Mizoram : Aizawl

Population of Aizawl : 326,511(estimated data in 2018)
Language known : The official language of Aizawl Mizo.
Land area : 457 km²
Established year : 1987
The largest city of Mizoram, Aizawl was just a British outpost that later became a village. Now more than 25% of the Mizo state population resides in this city. Situated in the North East part of the country the city has a hilly terrain and is above the tropic of cancer which makes it rich in vegetation.

All the important administration works are done from the state capital. As the state comes under Protected Area the domestic tourists require an Inner Line Permit (ILP) to travel the state of Mizoram which can be obtained from the Liason officers present in various states of the country.

Mizoram is known as the Songbird of the Northeast and hence is rich in its cultures. Based mainly on the tribal communities there are many different Dance and Art forms. Chapchar Kut also known as the famous Bamboo Dance festival is celebrated during the harvesting of bamboo crop as it’s one of the main crops.

The markets of Aizawl are occupied with large variety of art and craft works.Textiles, Bamboo, Cane work and Basketry remains the main section of craft work. These crafts are 100% handmade, weaved and designed. Places to adore in Aizawl are: The Bara Bazar or the shopping mall of the state capital where you can see people traditional dress selling farms commodities.

The steep Zion street is lined with stalls selling garments. To know more about Mizo history and culture one must visit the Mizoram State Museum which is located in the centre of town Zarkwat. Aizawl is also known for its world’s largest living family.

Concentrating over the spiritual parts the Solomon’s Temple is rendered as the Holy Church which was constructed by Kohhran Thianghlim. The church was founf by Dr. L.B. Sailo in 1984. To enjoy the beauty of Northeast one must visit Aizawl. For all the heart felt views and sceneries. Aizawl is the best place.

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